My father is a 99 year old Pearl Harbor survivor. He got COVID and had a heart attack on 12/22/21.

I tried to cancel the subscription on 1/5/2022, because of his illness and because he was in the hospital.

I am his POA, and just recently received his bill charged to his Credit card. The bill was $150.00, while his previous bill was $99.90 on 11/12/21.

I would like a full refund and to stop his paper.

He is sick, retired and in the hospital, and can not afford the $150.00.

I tried to do this over the phone, but the lady said I can't.

She said I would continue to get the paper until 3/25/22. But, he can't afford it. The charge was on 1/13/2022 for service from 1/15/2022 to 3/25/2022.

Since today is 1/14/2022, I want to cancel subscription now, which is before the start of the new subscription period.

I have and will contact the credit card to stop and investigate this transaction.

I would like to get this over with in a Timely manner. If not, I will seek all avenues open to protect my father's money.

By the way, the lady I spoke to also hung up on me. Not a good business practice

Richard Schimmel



Location: Columbus, Ohio

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